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Milimani Road - Milimani, Flats Block 5 - First Floor
P.O Box 51382 - 00100 GPO Nairobi,Kenya
 Tel: +254 (20) 2531230, Mob: +254 13 338 694
Email: krls@kenyaroads.org  - Web:www.kenyaroads.org
Vehicle traffic has grown over whelming in the past few years and intercepting the growth and road development, creating a concern. The road congestion on Kenyan roads is now costing individual road user a scaring amount of money on daily basis.

The vehicle have become a burden instead of being engine of growth, the business and economic growth is adversely affected as the investors shy away. The situation is unlikely to get better as money more motor vehicle hit the road to compete with modern life.

· The high speed highway approach in rent development which has seen Kenyan road users come face to face with the modern life on the road is something to be looked at closely. KRLS is set to compliment the services of road development by making the road users realise that the responsibility of safer roads is part of their contribution.

· We are conducting training programme and will extend our programme to cover major cities and town to expose the dangers of high speed roads and how we can make life safe while enjoying the technology.

· The high speed the instead can over run the planning and development of our system if not addressed now.  Roads are vital to our economic competitiveness and effective network management is crucial if we are to keep businesses and citizens moving.

· KRLS identifies lack of training and awareness, in addition to negligence and being irresponsible as a road safety virus which must be eradicated in order to make our roads safer.

· The road carnage, congestion and accidents on Kenyan road involve errors that can be avoided. The death rate on the roads is a concern of every Kenyan.
· KRLS is working in support of efficient methods of diverting this situation. This must be found to ensure essential services, such public transport, school going children, food transport and deliveries and business community is are not only protected but effectively delivered.

KRLS has identified critical areas of concern and this includes; road and pedestrians crossers, public transport (matatu) and truck drivers, motor bikes and bicycle riders as some of the most integral parts of the road users whose plight need to be addressed in relation to awareness and responsibility.

The KRLS is introducing the a Road safety awareness and training scheme called “On the Road Choose Life” a proactive way of influencing driver behaviour and enhancing life caring attitude on the road to respect life.

· KRLS will work with the other relevant policy formulation bodies to build the capacity capable of supporting training, awareness and participation
· This will significantly reduce road carnage, journey times and accidents through efficient traffic flow, as well as offering improved community sustainability and road safety. 

In addition, thinking of green and sustainable environment in the on Kenyan road network is vital. Not only will this help ensure the Kenyan meet carbon commitments, but also help free up the increasingly busy road network. 

Transforming other means of available transport like motor bikes and motor cycles on Kenyan roads to a safer and enjoyable form of transport, will not only create an income to the community, but will help reduce traffic flow, and investing in sustainable technology can mean less spending in the long term.